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"I went to see Brooke after a fall on the ice, which impacted my shoulder. I received various other treatments, but I believe Brooke's care is what really helped to accelerate my healing process and to take it the extra step over the line into restored wellness. Her treatment was deeply relaxing and not only facilitated physical healing, but emotional release related to the trauma. Brooke is a skilled, professional, and nurturing practitioner. I am a board certified massage therapist and yoga teacher and I highly recommend her to my own clients and students."-SK

"I suffered two years of pain and discomfort, and was unable to run normally. The usual medical route found nothing, but also did not cure me. It was recommended I try acupuncture to help me get over the hump. At my first appointment, Brooke’s extraordinary patience and gentle touch were evident. Two months later, I realized how sad I would be to not need her treatment anymore, because I appreciated her so much. Now I am back on my feet again, and although there are occasional stumbles, I am more in touch with the signals my body is giving me. I am well on my way. Brooke is about more than just curing symptoms; she is interested in me listening to my feelings, dealing with them, and moving forward. Words don’t adequately express how lucky I feel to have met her, let alone be treated by her. While Brooke is an individual of exceptional knowledge and skill, her superpower is her enormous heart. I have not been fortunate to encounter anyone with as much love in her heart; I am uncertain that such a person even exists. Brooke is my angel, and the best."-KM

"Brooke is a wonderful, caring, compassionate, and healing therapist. Her calm and grounded personality lends itself to a very welcoming environment, where she becomes very attuned to your individual situation. I have never had any type of caregiver who took my pulses so thoroughly, and was able to discern so much about my bodily functions. I cannot recommend Brooke enough."-MA

"Fantastic news - I'm pregnant! Totally shocked, excited, nervous...thank you very much! Acupuncture is absolutely amazing."-RT

"It was so nice to meet you and have my first acupuncture treatment. I really was shocked at how much junk I coughed up afterward and how clear my lungs felt for the rest of the day, even still today I am feeling the affects. I do breathing treatments (nebulizers and a Vest) that are supposed to clear my lungs out, but those don't come close to how effective the acupuncture was."

"I just wanted to let you know that my leg is 100% today. I used my
microwavable rice bags last night for some heat, and I bought that gel
at healthy living. When I woke up this morning, I was perfect. I just
wanted to say thanks so much again!"-EC

"Good Morning, just wanted to say THANK YOU!!!! to you and your staff at the clinic.  Brooke has been tremendous in helping me eliminate the pain and stiffness in my right knee since I started treatments about 3 weeks ago.  I’ve noticed improvements after every treatment. Thanks again and have a wonderful day."-KL

"I wanted to let you know how much of an effect you had on my recent life, I met you at just the right time--your energy and enthusiasm have got me revved up! Your kindness, sincere curiosity, honesty and radiant light have gotten me deep down. I will take a piece of that energy, hold on tight and remember it forever."-LP

"I also wanted to thank you again! You are one of the most amazing and best human beings I have ever met. You have given me so much, and I am so incredibly grateful. It's not just curing a life long stomach problem, or helping me work through an on-going depression, it's the hope, the self acceptance, self confidence, a better understanding of my true nature....which is one of the greatest gifts someone has ever given me. Helping me to make sense of life, my life, and my place in this world. You are one of a kind, you change people's lives."-MM

"I went to Brooke Moen in desperation. I had severe digestive upset,
frequent migraines, weight gain and other issues. After following a detox program and having weekly acupuncture with Brooke, my
stomach is happy, I am migraine-free and have lost eighteen pounds
with very little effort. I am also much happier and thinking much more


"Brooke Moen is the best acupuncture practitioner I have seen. She
listens, takes time over each visit and really helped me get through a
tricky to resolve sleep problem. I saw her at one of the most
stressful periods of my life when my health and mind were challenged
and Brooke carefully tailored each treatment to gently guide me back
to balance.  For me this approach really worked - a high level of attention and care at each treatment. I did not feel she was out to just keep me as
a patient no matter what. She talked about the time frame within
which we might expect to see improvement or changes. And she was
right about that too. The space is relaxing and calming. Brooke is outstanding in every way- a really genuine caring professional and a highly skilled practitioner. Thanks Brooke, you really made some changes in what was going on with my messed up sleep and brought some peace to my mind."-KS


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