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Chinese Cosmology 

 Learning what and who we actually are

Consultation by Cosmology - Brooke Moen Acupuncture and Wholistic Medicine in Burlington, VermontI have been incredibly fortunate to study Chinese Cosmology with my teacher Liu Ming, in California. This brilliant worldview was fundamental to medicine, government and community in Pre-Revolutionary China for centuries. Chinese Cosmology was the heart of successful civilization in China, particularly during flourishing times of the Imperial Court. 


Regarding a personal consultation, this is not fortune-telling, but instead a look into the dance of fate and freedom; what are our opportunities and obstacles, based on our character and path? What was the universe up to when we were born, and what is our "ancestral mandate?" Its a calculation, based on cycles of time that the Chinese observed and tracked for 8,000 years. When we look at our place in this natural movement, we can understand ourselves and our experience more deeply.

Brooke Moen, MS, L.Ac. offers Acupuncture, Chinese Medicine, Nutrition, Fertility, Infertility, Allergies, Pain, Chronic in Burlington, Vermont


You provide your exact time, place, and date of birth, and I interpret the resulting "natal chart." It is often revealing, reassuring, and certainly a deeply satisfying and fun conversation.

                                                                                     Liu Ming

Here are what clients have said about the reading:

"I absolutely loved the reading. I have such a sense of relief that my
path doesn't need to be forced and that I don't have to figure out my
life plan right this second. I'm also just enjoying my work more in
general and really feel a deeper peace about my life path. It's really
tremendous work, Brooke. Thanks again!"

"I absorbed so much of what you talked about and I'm seeing how it
really makes a difference to know a "big picture" perspective."

"C. had such a wonderful time today, and she was just beaming on the
way home. I have no idea how to thank you enough for being available
to her, embracing her, honoring her and celebrating her in such a
meaningful and genuine way. I know it made an impression on her heart
and soul. Thank you for being there for her and for us. --S., proud
mother to her metal dragon/tiger who's overflowing with water."

"Thanks so much for the incredibly insightful reading! I really
enjoyed this work, communication, and insight. Its such an art and you
have a real gift to express it magnificently."

"My chart reading was life-changing! The experience far exceeded my expectations, and it actually gave me a different perspective on my life (in a very positive way). Your thorough description of the history and science surrounding the Chinese astrological calendar provided the perfect backdrop to my reading, and my pragmatic mind needed that historical explanation to fully appreciate the reading. I literally took 10 pages of notes during our session, and your thoughtful nature allowed me the gift on reflecting on my life for several hours. As a working mom of two young kids, it's been awhile since I took time to reflect on my journey, and the reading provided me with invaluable insight. I laughed, and I cried because everything you said made so much sense. You are such a natural teacher, and that shines through during your reading. Everyone should have their chart read by Brooke. Simply fabulous! Thank you."



2015: Year of the Yin Wood Goat
Many of us had a fresh start with the Wood element of 2014. But some felt
run over by the pace of the horse. This "baby goat" year offers a chance
to reflect upon our humanity; what do we value as a community, how can
we make the world a more beautiful, harmonious place for all? This year offers a chance to enjoy our creativity, innocence, and the satisfaction of working together to make things better for everyone in the herd!

2014: Year of the Yang
Wood Horse
Was that a train that ran right over me the last four years?? Many might be saying this, after two Metal and two Water years full of intense change and the demand of introspection. We start the circle all over again with the Wood Horse; full of excitement, like a baby colt, ready to hobble out the gates on brand new legs. If we can harness and educate this freshness and impulse, this year will serve us well!

2013: Year of the Yin Water Snake
After the enormity of the Water Dragon (2012), we are still faced this year with a certain "enormity" (water), but instead of in-your-face, it is deeply underground. So we are called this year to come back down and in; pause, reflect, be as still as the snake, ready to strike only with extreme precision, only at the right time. Reconsideration can almost always be a safe way to keep from being swallowed whole! So many gifts to cultivate by taking the opportunity to feel the power of "not acting".....

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