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"If you want to be healthy and live to 100, do Qigong"-Dr. Oz to Oprah

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What is Qigong all about?

Qigong, pronounced "chee gong," is the movement of qi. Translated into everyday experience, this just means to use one's intention to move energy. Simple, gentle movement is used to focus the mind and calm the body. Although it almost sounds too simple to be true, this focus and calm powerfully create the circumstance for healing.


Research shows Qigong, much like Acupuncture, provides the single most important key to modern health: it puts the body in Parasympathetic Nervous System mode (rest/digest, as opposed to Sympathetic, fight/flight, run-from-a-tiger mode).

More specifically, research has found regular Qigong training:
*Alters neurochemistry to moderate pain, depression, addictive craving
*Enhances efficiency of the immune system
*Increases rate and flow of lymphatic fluid
*Improves resistance to disease/infection
*Increases efficiency of cell metabolism and tissue regeneration
*Coordinates right/left brain hemisphere (deep sleep, less anxiety)
*Induces alpha and theta brain waves, reducing heart rate, blood pressure




Learn about Health

Curious what Chinese Medicine is all about? Have questions about acupuncture? Just want to give it a little try? I am available for giving talks and demonstrations, and teaching classes.  Topics available range from an introduction to the unfamiliar but powerful world of "alternative" (traditional) medicine, nutritional aspects of health (such as myths and the power of a nutrient-dense diet), to health according to the seasons, to the practical application of Chinese Astrology. Contact me if you or your organization are interested!





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